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      Enterprise image and meaning

      With long-term vision, broad mind, the concept of harmonious communion with the whole steel industry (RON), and all other green industries communion (RON), and the people and the whole country communion (RON), company personnel solidarity, never betray.

      Identify subject to far from the beginning of the letter "Y" and "L" dual combination, the significance of far people solidarity, never betray. The significance of the orange element represents the flow of molten steel, far union steel as its main business, a steady stream of molten steel is the symbol of built in one hundred. The heavy "far" and the following pinyin logo to make the logo more eye-catching.

      Blue: the sea is blue, the sky is blue, the earth was blue, the universe is blue, logo in blue symbolizes the far people broad mind and lofty ideal!

      Green: life is green, iron and steel industry is the green, health, harmony is green, identify the green symbolizes the far enterprise full of vitality, thriving forever, far united people's mentality health, forever young, forever!

      The color of orange, yellow, red, unite) : harvest is yellow, the heart is red, blood is red, spirit is red, yellow, harmony is a symbol of far united people will not be complacent, because the harvest but always full of passion, perseverance and enterprising forever.

      The spirit of enterprise

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