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    The company people-oriented system construction as the starting point, has gradually formed a relatively complete, system running mechanism.

    One is established the worker training, education, rewards and punishment system, cadre selection and appointment, regulation, the worker are widely participate in the channel and way of enterprise management. Rely on the system, and the staff personal growth and development of enterprise fuses in together, eliminating the worker and enterprise existing psychological barriers. Specifically: employees are the lifeblood of the enterprise survival and development. Only activate the motive force, the company equipment, technology to become a product, produce benefits. So the company from the worker concerned about most, the most direct and most realistic interests, pay attention to increase the salary of the employee benefits, pay emphasis to the production line, make a line of high efficiency, high benefit, high income jobs, at the same time to the collectives and individuals that have made outstanding contribution to reward handsomely, formation of distribution according to work, post by competition, remuneration by contribution compensation system; Companies to invest tens of millions of yuan to the factory, the living quarters for hardening, lighting, greening, landscaping, jobs for the production line installed air conditioning, refrigerator and water dispenser, make the staff feel enterprise development, employees are the biggest beneficiaries of the first.

    The second is the company with good live talent as the core of humanistic management, management innovation actively, set all kinds of talent recruitment, assessment, the selection of the rules, the condensation of a large number of talents to attract to the enterprise, generate new force in the development of enterprises, do men, do all in its use, to ensure the excellent talents to introduce, to retain.

    Three is consistently conduct mass economic and technical innovation project, in order to "small" small invention, creativity, innovation and other activities as the carrier, to choose a tree technology innovation, forms the enterprise employee development, community worker live on enterprise sincerity, realizes the leadership and staff's harmony, the harmony of employees and enterprises, enterprises and social harmony.

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