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      Chifeng far union steel co., LTD always remember their social responsibility, in line with the employees, to the enterprise, highly responsible attitude to society, in an effort to improve the efficiency of the enterprises at the same time, strict enforcement of the ecological environmental standards, strengthening the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, efforts to make the enterprise to the way of economic development and environmental protection win-win. Ecological civilization construction company will be integrated into the whole process of enterprise development, firmly establish the ecological concept of red line, solid foundation to do a good job of ecological environment protection.


      Company continuously improve the environmental governance, vigorously promotes the management, the full implementation of environmental management responsibility. The company from top to bottom to establish environmental management organization network, all-in partition, implement to people. In view of the process may produce pollution, set up environmental protection responsibility, develop environmental protection measures, resolutely stop pollution events from the sources. Strengthen environmental protection, serious investigation and analysis in the factory the environmental factors, adding environmental protection equipment immediately to need, without delay. To improve the environmental protection equipment number of walk-around inspection and ensure the normal and stable operation of the environmental protection equipment, resolutely put an end to the pollution problem caused by equipment damage; Strengthen ecological environmental protection publicity and education, enhance the worker's saving consciousness, ecology consciousness, environmental protection consciousness, the formation of care for the ecological environment of the enterprise style, build protect the ecological environment of the good atmosphere.

      Environmental work in 2015, the company will continue adhering to the spirit of chairman "15 words" policy, further improve the network of environmental management, to strengthen the construction of environmental protection responsibility system, establish and improve the environmental management system. To strengthen environmental management and environmental protection equipment operating personnel at all levels of skills training, improve the level of environmental management and operation. Actively publicize the importance of environmental protection work, make the worker firmly establish the idea of protecting the environment is to protect their own living environment. A detailed screening of production processes, and address the environmental pollution hidden trouble. Overall planning, many measures simultaneously, to the society and the highly responsible attitude and responsibility to the crowds, makes the good environmental governance; Difficult to overcome, substantial work, to improve the environment quality.


      Company will actively develop green economy, and strive to realize green development. Insist on prevention, comprehensive treatment, in order to solve the outstanding problems affecting the ecological environment as the key point, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization. For in-depth development of environmental protection work to better the company, the company will further strengthen the beautification and greening engineering construction of the whole factory area, efforts will enterprise into a garden-like factory, for the majority of employees to build beautiful and tidy, civilized and orderly working environment. "Rest assured, the party committees and governments to make people's recognition, employee benefit" and "green league, high-quality goods far far, happiness far union" business objective.

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