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      About politics, security, create warm safe working environment for employees

      On December 28, 2014, far from iron and steel company's 2014 annual production safety work summary and work plan for 2015 annual meeting in the company office building five floor conference room is held ceremoniously. Company deputy general manager liu jie committee on behalf of the company 2014 annual work safety in production of a careful summary, and the work safety in production in 2015 my company detailed deployment. Conference on the company's 2014 annual awards the work safety in production advanced unit and individual. Company general manager TongGuoShan person safety first signed in 2015 with all departments safety production liability form. The meeting shall be presided over by company deputy general manager, trade union chairman Qiu Yanjun.




    In 2014, the company firmly establish a "people-oriented, safety development" concept, adhering to the practical, rigorous and meticulous work style, to improve safety management level of management innovation and institution innovation, in order to implement the responsibility system for production safety as the breakthrough point, to strengthen the spot hidden perils in safety management, management as the key point, through various forms of security and safety training to improve employee safety consciousness, vigorously promotes the safe foundation management, increasing the financial input in safety production, to achieve the sustainable, stable and healthy development trend of production safety.

    Company production safety work in 2015 key:

    1, raise awareness, strengthen the leadership, fully implement the responsibility system for production safety.

    2, focused, substantial work, rectification of safety in the work.

    3, the center of gravity down, based on prevention, vigorously promotes the weak links of production safety.

    4, practical, innovation, and improve the overall controlsafety ranks rescue capabilities.

    5, strengthen the "three violations" and improve the safety of staff knowledge and skills.

    6, continue to conduct professional knowledge education, and improve the professional level.

    7, take the daily supervision and performance evaluation, implement safety responsibility.

    In 2015, the company safety work will continue to implement strict refinement of management, to do with data. The safety training effect, safety meeting, hidden trouble management, software construction, accident rate, such as "three rules" success rate into the quarter and year-end liability form for examination and assessment.

    In the New Year, the company will be in line with the spirit of being highly responsible for the company and the employee, adhere to the "people-oriented, safety development, safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" of production safety policy, to do a good job of production safety in 2015, security escort, sustained and healthy development for the company. At the same time, pay special attention to the safety work at a height of about political, create warm safe working environment for employees.

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