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    On January 13, 2015, is the iron and steel company work summary and work plan for 2015 meeting in 2014 the fifth floor conference room was held in the company. Chairman TongGuoShan wan-li liu, general manager, deputy director of the company management personnel above, model workers, workers' representatives of more than 150 people attended the meeting. Conference, TongGuoShan on behalf of the company's board of directors, the general manager of our company to do the "steel far the company 2014 annual work summary and work plan for 2015 annual report. Chairman of the board of directors of the company wan-li liu, party secretary Song Yuanjiang respectively made important speech at the conference. Conference on the company's 2014 annual awards the model workers and advanced unit and individual. The meeting shall be presided over by Qiu Yanjun company deputy general manager.

    Conference pointed out that in front of the severe situation of iron and steel, the company all staff must have a correct understanding of the current tough market situation to enhance crisis consciousness, suffering consciousness and responsibility consciousness, further unify thoughts and ideas, firmly establish a host of ideas, pioneering spirit, innovation. At the same time, to enhance the confidence and determination to overcome difficulties, actively respond to challenges, to explore the effective ways to cope with difficulties and method, solve the company is now facing the practical problems. At the same time, to do a full range of management, and actively take measures to conscientiously do a good job in saving energy and reducing consumption, in-depth exploration, management innovation, technological innovation, technological innovation, optimization of product structure and so on a work, constantly improve the enterprise's ability to resist the market risk, ensure enterprise in the fierce market competition to survival and development.

    The meeting stressed that in the New Year, the company with the chairman "safe, grasp the environmental protection, make innovation, promote production, increase efficiency" fifteen words work principle as the instruction, to technical innovation as the breakthrough point, to the authors, efficiency, quality, safety and environmental protection on the steps, the comprehensive construction, reform and seek improvement in stability "for work. Focus on the following several aspects work:

    A, insist on cost reduction, increasing benefits, guaranteed quality, is the basic requirement of enterprise sustainable development strategy;

    Second, insist on innovation, technical transformation, it is an effective way to realize scientific development;

    Three, safe, grasp the environmental protection enterprises are good for society and the inevitable choice for highly responsible staff;

    Fourth, adhere to build excellent corporate culture is the inevitable requirement of enterprise survival and development;

    Five, vigorously promotes the enterprise the weak link, is the comprehensive improve enterprise construction level of favorable guarantee.

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