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      On the eve of Spring Festival, the company in the case of extremely difficult heart is extremely poor worker life, raise funds 40000 yuan to the company more than 30 extremely poor worker condolences to the Spring Festival, warm, caring, and New Year blessings sent to their homes, to let them live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.

      Morning of February 10, head of the company trade union chairman Qiu Yanjun and trade union on behalf of the company because Labour causes damage, the guo-ming wang and other things the worker and the worker visits condolences, and will be distributed consolation money to every things the hands of staff and workers disabled because of work. Trade union chairman Qiu Yanjun detailed inquired about their physical condition, life and family situation, encourage them to hearten spirit, actively cope with difficulties. At the same time, to show them the company deeply greeting and New Year's blessing.



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