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    Chifeng far union steel co., LTD. 2015 annual production safety

    Work summary and work safety in production deployment conference in 2016

    On December 28, 2015 in the afternoon, chifeng far united steel co., LTD in 2015 and 2015 annual production safety work of production safety work deployment congress fifth floor meeting room in the company. The above management personnel and deputy director of the company each unit safety management personnel attended the meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by Qiu Yanjun company deputy general manager.

    At the meeting, the company deputy general manager liu jie to summarize 2015 annual work safety in production, and deployment of work safety in production in 2016. He pointed out that: in 2015, the company closely around the chairman "safe, grasp the environmental protection, innovation, promote production, increase benefit" the management policy, sets up with the idea of "people-oriented, safety development", enhance the consciousness of the red line, around the hidden perils in strengthen the basis of safety management, increase management, vigorously promotes the responsibility to the work carries out "the main line, engaged in hidden governance, the full implementation of" a pair of responsibilities ", strengthen safety education training, the company annual production safety work is stable and healthy development of the situation.

    The company secretary of the party committee Song Yuanjiang made important speeches. He to the company 2015 annual production safety achievements give full affirmation.

    Company executive vice general manager comrade Qiu Yanjun comments regarding the 2015 annual target completion of production safety.

    Hebei metallurgical security experts Wang Jijun is retained by the company in 2016 the company safety production work put forward specific requirements: one is to further improve to carry out the safe production responsibility system, strengthen the prevention for this concept, improve the early warning and emergency response mechanism, and further help solve the safety hidden trouble, vigorously carry out special security check five priorities. 2 it is to always remember work safety in production is only starting point, there is no end, only siren wake-up call.

    Company general manager TongGuoShan made a summary statement. He pointed out: the safety is the cornerstone of enterprise development, various departments must perform work and requirements of party and government with responsibility, a pair of responsibilities, the department of work safety in production earnestly, escort for the enterprise healthy development.

    During the meeting, general manager TongGuoShan with each production unit liability form signed in 2016, production safety, head of the target.

    Company leadership and 2015 model

    Company for the advanced unit awards 2015

              The company for the advanced party branch awards 2015

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