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Company profile

        Chifeng far union steel co., ltd. is a 2002 chifeng municipal party committee, municipal government key investment enterprises. In the same year, according to the national steel industry \"move, change, expanding\" policy and the municipal party committee and municipal government for the iron and steel industry in the city's overall planning, according to the construction of \"overall design, phased implementation\", USES the advanced technology and equipment of low consumption, low pollution and production craft, have completed the first phase of 1.2 million tons of iron and steel, the second phase expansion project of 800000 tons of iron and steel expansion project, the third phase of the construction of 1 million tons of iron and steel expansion project. After more than ten years of development, at present, the
    company annual production capacity has reached 3 million tons. Company existing staff 6000 people, covers an area of about 1.25 million square meters, total assets of 4.2 billion yuan. Existing equipment: 450 m3 blast furnace 1, 500 m3 blast furnace 1, 1, 1280 m3 blast furnace of 50 t converter 3, 96 m2 sintering machine 2 groups, 180 m2 of belt type sintering machine 1, 6500 m3 / h oxygen generating unit 1, 2, 12000 m3 / h oxygen generation unit 10 m3 mechanical shaft furnace 1, annual output of 700000 tons of high speed wire and bar production line 1, annual output of 1 million tons of double high speed wire rod production line 1, years 1 produces 800000 tons of steel strip production lines and related ancillary facilities. Company main products are: continuous casting billet, bar, wire rod, rebar steel, strip steel, etc. The company has passed the IS09001:2008 quality management system, IS014001:2004 environmental management system and GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification. The company through the national ministry of industry and steel industry access authorization approval, is in line with national steel industry standards compliance in accordance with the enterprise, also is the second largest iron and steel enterprises in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.
    Company is located in chifeng city hong shan economic development zone, near the long deep highway. After many years of business, the company built a perfect marketing system and customer service network, products are exported to Shanghai, zhejiang, hangzhou, shandong, shanxi, shaanxi, hebei, liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other regions.
    Company for many years been autonomous region bureau, local taxation bureau awarded \"a-class taxpayers credit\"; By chifeng municipal party committee, municipal government awarded the \"good faith tax payment enterprise\", \"top ten industrial enterprises\", \"excellent builder of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics\", \"implementation ShuangQian double hundred million project advanced enterprise\", \"tree brand integrity, honesty and the harmonious development of the socialist civilization enterprise\", \"advanced party committee\", \"outstanding non-public enterprises\" and other honorary titles.
    Company always adhere to the \"customer first, quality first\" business purposes and \"people-oriented\" business philosophy, continue to deepen reform, expand the market, adjust the industrial structure, relying on good management and excellent staff team, in the increasingly fierce competition in the steel market has created good economic and social benefits.
    In the process of the development of the enterprise, the company actively planning a new growth point of enterprise, formulated the \"MengDong steel to achieve the most competitive iron and steel enterprise, construction of base\" of the goal. According to \"do business, and stronger enterprises, species diversity, continuous innovation\" guidelines, constantly seeking scale, equipment, variety, scale advantage, quality advantage and service advantage, improve the enterprise core competitive ability, to the industrial chain of high-end, promote enterprise terminal product transformation and diversified development. At the same time, the company vigorously develops the circulation economy, supporting the construction of the TRT power generation, blast furnace gas, converter steam power generation and energy conservation and environmental protection projects, such as pressure power and acceptance by the environmental protection and clean production examination, realize the win-win of economic benefits and environmental benefits.
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